Wir kümmern uns um das Herzstück: Mechanische und Quarz-Uhrwerke

Watch Movements

Design and engineering of bespoke watch movements.

Contract Manufacturing

Contract manufacturing of various micro-mechanical parts

Watch Engineering

Prototyping and engineering of wristwatches

Production Solutions & Automation

Production & assembly aids

Reverse Engineering & Replacement Parts

Reverse engineering - spare parts - technical drawings

Production Software

Bespoke software solutions for the machining industry

About UhrTeil AG

UhrTeil AG is a micromechanical design, engineering and manufacturing enterprise in Sirnach, near Lake Constance, in the German speaking part of Switzerland.

UhrTeil AG is an experienced partner for the construction and manufacturing of escapements, micromechanical differential gears, conical angular gears, planetary gears, complex internal and external gears and micro ball-bearings. For its conical angular gears, UhrTeil AG has developed an optimised proprietary teeth design.

Micro Engineering

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We are proud to be able to define our own strategy as an independent Swiss family company
Andreas Strehler